About Me

I was born in 1964 in Manado (North Sulawesi, Indonesia), where I spent my childhood and studied at the University of Sam Ratulangi. At the age of 21, I challenged myself to continue my study in London (UK).

After getting a professional diploma from Central London College (1987), I pursued the Postgraduate Diploma in Port and Shipping Administration at Cardiff University (UK) in 1988 and then further studied at the University of Plymouth (UK) and graduated with a Master of Science degree in International Shipping in 1990.

I am a chartered member of the UK professional body, the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport. I am currently researching for my doctoral degree at the School of Strategic and Global Studies at the University of Indonesia, which I plan to complete by early 2023.

I own my businesses in the ship & port services, freight & logistics services, travel & tourism services, VIP protection services, trade & distribution, and information technology services under PT. Junus Internasional, as the holding company. I am Bernhard Schulte's local partner to expand their business interests in Indonesia.

Besides being an entrepreneur, I have been appointed to represent the Republic of Lavia in Indonesia. I was initially trusted as Honorary Consul from 10th December 2007 and then as Honorary Consul-General from 6th July 2018. I have to perform symbolic and consular functions for the Republic of Latvia, per the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and the other law and regulations on Diplomatic and Consular Service.

On 30th June 2016, I was awarded the Latvian Foreign Minister's Certificate of Merit to facilitate the political and economic cooperation between Latvia and Indonesia and provide substantial consular support for Latvian nationals while strengthening the presence of the Republic of Latvia in Indonesia. In 2017, FICAC (World Federation of Consuls) presented me with the Award of Merit for my contribution and dedication to the FICAC organization.

My other assignments include as Chairman of North Sulawesi Province Tourism Promotion Board (BPPD Sulut), Chairman of Diakonia Foundation of the Protestant Church in Western Indonesia for 326 congregations (Yadia GPIB); Representative of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) for Indonesia; Founder & Vice Chairman of European-Asian Chamber of Commerce (EACC); Vice-Chairman of East Asian Regional Committee of the World Federation of Consuls (FICAC).

I am actively involved in the ethnic community group of Minahasa to conserve its cultural heritage. Also, as a Deacon of the Protestant Church in Western Indonesia (GPIB), at a faith-based organisation.

I am married, have a daughter, and live in Jakarta, Indonesia.

My favourite quotes are:

"We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another" (Jonathan Swift, 1667-1745)

"Wisdom is Organized Life" (Immanuel Kant, 1724-1804)

"Science is Organized Knowledge" (Herbert Spencer, 1820-1903)

"Art is Organized Beauty" (Raoul Jean Josset, 1899-1957)