My academic & professional qualifications and work experiences have transformed me to have the following specialities:

  • Ship Crewing Management
    Recruitment & placement of qualified and competent Indonesian seafarers for employment onboard international merchant ships for worldwide trade.
  • Logistics Management
    Expertise & knowledge of global freight logistics and multi-modal transportation to professionally serve and make the complexity of international trade easier.
  • Ship & Port Management
    Managing ship voyaging at sea and during at port discharging & loading cargo smoothly & efficiently are essential to owners, charterers & cargo receivers.
  • Trade & Distribution
    The fast globalization trading era requires products to be readily labelled, sorted and JIT delivered for reducing warehouse and handling costs for customers.
  • Security Management
    Highly trained professionals with contingency planning and crisis management with zero safety infractions are the integrity of successful security services.
  • AI & e-Commerce
    Online identity verification solution with applied AI & Biometrics, stops loan fraud and helps new customer onboarding and enhanced customer services.